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this guy...he he goes 2 a witch docter. then he ask the witch docter "i have a 15 inch dick and no woman wants 2 sleep with do i make it smaller?" the witch docters says "there is a frog in the swamp....if u ask him 2 kiss u and he says no, it will shrink a little..." "THANKS!" replied the man and ran off. when he found the frog he said "mr. frog, will u kiss me?" the frog crocked "no" his dick shrinked down 2 12 inches "wow! mr. frog, will u kiss me?" "no" the frog crocked. it shrank down 2 9 inches "WOW! its a mirical! i think 6 inches will be best. mr. frog, will u kiss me?" the frog said in a normal voice "HOW MANY TIMES DO I HAVE 2 TELL U!? NO NO NO!"

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