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Default Is this normal?

Okay, so this is about my little sister. So she started going to highschool, all is good, she met new friends and is happy. I am glad about that. Here it the worry I have. The Serbian Language and Literature teacher gave them an assignment to write an essay on the difference between eroticy (is that the word, essentially erotic but as a noun) and pornography. Is that normal? I mean his subject has nothing to do with this topic. In my school, the first essay we wrote was about the book we were studying.

Also her Latin teacher was suspended a few years ago for having intercourse with one of the graduate students and is still teaching there and started traching again this year, unsure how but since this is Serbia where everything is possible with the right connections, I guess it passed. In such a pedo-friendly environment of course I am going to be worried.

So, is the first thing normal? I mean the second obviously isn't.

Anyways I told her if any of those creeps (or anyone else for that matter) lay a finger on her or make an innapropriate comment, I will personally come there and castrate them in front of the class and make them eat it. No one touches my little sis and gets away with it alive.

The reason I made this is because I am genuinely worried, because as a male, I know you can sometimes get predatorial urges, but most simply do not act on them. After hearing her tell me that, an alarm sounded in my head.

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