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Default Re: Where y'at

I have been watching the Saint's London game with some of the residents of the retirement home today.
It's been soo good to see a win, lol.

Course there were some inevitable discussions about the anthem protesting thing.
The Saints had kept the protest not as open as last time but still...did it.
I honestly don't have much of an opinion about it...since it was just all blown out of proportion by some silly tweets of our beloved President. For me it's been just is way of distracting people from his failure at the health care thing once again. So yeah.

What I felt surprising was that nearly all of those old people...a great deal of the veterans..don't see anything disrespectful in the protest as we are all made to believe by the media.

One of the guys asked what we did at our football game in HS in response to Trump's tweets as one principal in Bossier City threatened to throw all protesters from the team.
And he found it hilarious that we had decided that all of us colored stood while the only two white players took the knee in front of us.

Anyway,it was a really great thing to watch the game with those people. I always enjoy doing it as we have the greatest team and fans in the NFL anyway, lol.

It was our cities team and the atmosphere when the city celebrated them that made me play football myself in the first place.
Sure I never will do any real great football...I still wonder how I make it on our HS team anyway since I'm "so tiny" as everyone keeps telling me.

Still I love the game and our city's team and I love the experience of watching a game with other people.
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