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Originally Posted by TeenDream63 View Post
Hello guys i have a serious question, im 13 and when i try to masturbate i keep doing it until i give up, i dont feel orgasm and i really want to ejaculate can you give the feeling of orgasm and how does it feel when your about to "come". And can you estimate how long you have to masturbate until you reach orgasm and come. Thank you it will be very helpful to me.
As with any new ability or skill it takes time to learn how to do things right, and I am guessing that you are new to puberty and the whole masturbating thing. You can look at my post above (#1114) which gives general advice on masturbating. My suggestion is not to focus so much on getting an orgasm or ejaculating but rather simply enjoy the feeling that you get. Only masturbate when you are very much aroused, and you might need something to enhance your pleasure like lube (if you are circumcized) or a magazine (as long as your personal morality is not against using images to masturbate). Basically, take things slow and be patient, and realize that you just might not be developed enough to produce semen, yet.

As for how long it takes to achieve orgasm that really varies. When I first started masturbating it took a long while to achieve orgasm with the time being in the 30-45 minute range. Once you actually achieve an orgasm for the first time, then you will know how to do so, and it should be a whole lot quicker to get one.

Going into specific masturbation methods is not allowed here, and you should check out that has a lot of good tips on your situation.

Let us know if we can help out any further.
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