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I don't know a lot about this but are you sure it's a good idea not to tell anybody about your psycological anxiety and how you handle it? It's not too bad to ask for help. Otherwise, it's sensical as we cannot handle everything. We born weak to manipulate some things. You have to know that a forum like this hasn't the power to show you how to win this battle with yourself. First thing you need to do is to talk to someone you trust; maybe a parent, teacher, friend, your sister, whoever you may feel less stress to talk. After this you need to learn from yourself and to try -not only to help it- but to fix it. Fix how you thing, react, see things in the world. Apparently, not so absolutly.And I repeat; I can't help you via message but a closer person will be there for you, making wound heals. And I'm sure you have at least one person to talk to. It's in your hand should you help yourself or not. Remember; the internet is not the answer. You are the answer.

P.S.1. Sorry about mistakes but I'm greek.
P.S.2. Tell me if sth new happens and I'll be glad to know whether you talk to anybody or not. (You can ask a professional too)

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