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Question Modesty among siblings & sharing a room

So, I share a room with my twin sister and we're not especially modest in front of each other.
We change in full view of each other, walk from and to the shower naked and occasionally sleep nude, not always both of us.
Also we sometimes shower together if we're in a hurry.

So my questions are: (requires sibling or equivalent)
Your gender:

Your age:

Do you have a brother, sister or both?

Are you fine with them seeing you nude?

Are they fine with you seeing them nude?

Do/ did you share a room with your sibling(s) ?
Brother or sister?
Same or close age?
Would you rather have your own room?

Do you sleep nude?

Do they sleep nude?

Have you showered together (at home)?
With a brother or a sister?
Do you do it often?

Has your relationship changed during puberty, relating to nudity and the things that come with it?

Thanks, feel free to ask questions.

Fourteen, Twin.
Feel free to PM and or add me.

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