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Default Re: Need Advice About Depression & Best Friend

Originally Posted by CatGoesMeow View Post
So I've been depressed for at least half a year now and whenever I begin getting depressed (and sometimes it gets a lot worse than I wish it would) I would go talk to my best friend in DM's on this chat app because he understands what it's like to be depressed, but also because he's the only one I trust that much (it's hard for me to trust people and also takes me a while to begin to trust someone due to events in the past) and this has gone on for a while where whenever one person was feeling depressed the other would let them talk and help them feel better.

Well, earlier tonight, he basically ended up telling me to stop coming to him with my depression and to talk to other people instead. He knows I have trouble talking to other people who I'm not as close to and it really hurt me to hear him outright say to basically leave him alone and stop bothering him.

I just don't know what to do anymore. I know he's not a therapist or anything (and sadly I haven't been and still can't afford to go to one right now) but I want to feel better again and stop feeling like everytime we talk it's just a big argument (he told me it's not but that's how my mind perceives it)

I'm just not sure what to do, about this, about my depression, and honestly I just need some advice or maybe someone to talk to.
I can also explain more if needed (here or in DM's)
Try to keep talking to him. I know the feeling, it hurts but they want you to get more help.
If you ever have a bad stage when you need to talk make a post on here, we can help
Try to find a way to afford a therapist or find a counselor
We can chat if you want too, I'm here if you need a friend or any help whatsoever

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