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Default Re: Asperger's syndrome in a nutshell

Allow me to explain exactly why I disagree with your statement; Aspergers children are able to develop regularly up to the point to which socialization becomes a part of the learning process, from which aspergers syndrome becomes readily apparent due to lack of social skills, whereas for one with high functioning autism, the learning disability becomes apparent much earlier on. And, to add to a very controversial point, high functioning autism resembles a learning disability in general, whereas aspergers syndrome only truly affects the social aspects of life, the similarity between the two being that they are both overloaded by the world around them, albiet for different reasons.

And, as for the statement regarding one being, as you so oddly put it, "an expert in the field" in order to express an opinion, I did not state so. I said that one needs to have at least some experience in the topic, so that one does not come off as ignorant.

And, as for the last question you might have, the reply is incredibly late because I have been rather busy on my quest to move and find a college that has the right specifications for my degree.
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