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You can't build muscle while losing fat. That isn't how it works. Fat is lost in the kitchen and during hard cardio, which you should probably hit more days out of the week than strength training. Also, like Tiago said, you're not going to see results in just two weeks. I'm finally seeing results after months of hard work and pushing myself.

My recommendation if you want to lose fat:
Eat clean. Drink lots of water (stay hydrated), sleep well, and your schedule should look something like this

2 days hard cardio, 3 days light cardio, 1 day strength training (try to hit maybe 2 muscle groups each week, for example: core and upper, core and lower, lower and back, etc etc), and then one rest or cheat day.

When you start strength training, depending what and how hard you want to work out, I'd recommend 2-4 days of strength training and 1 day cardio

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