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Default Re: Everyday is a battle I always lose

Originally Posted by jamie_n5 View Post
I think that you are at a point where you need some professional help. I would see your doctor and they will most likely set you up with a dietician and they can help you get on track with a healthy and good diet.
All day long. You need help bro. We all do from time to time. It's nothing to be embarrassed about ok?

I think asking for help is a sign of being very strong and courageous, cause it's so hard, you needa overcome that part be wrong and just ask.

Going this, you need help. Not something I think you can do on your own. Physically emotionally or mentally. thing you can do, is not have the food in the house you shouldn't be eating. Instead (after consulting a Dr and Dietician) is plan your meals. Plan the proper meals. And make it so that's your only choice.

It's like a drug addict living in a pharmacy or an alcoholic living in a liquor store. It's just not gonna work that way. You do need a change, only you can make it. But with help

So tomorrow, pick up the phone and call your Dr.

Baby steps bro, we got your back he ok?
Let us know how you make out ok?

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