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I've mostly been relying on a rubber band recently, I keep it on my wrist 24/7. It just helps me remember what I'm trying to overcome. Since most of my urges are on my arms (that sounds weird... if that makes sense) it feels better to use it there since I have been holding off actually doing anything there. I wear my bracelets a lot more now too so no one really asks why I have a random colourful rubber band on my arm.

I've tried ice cubes, with limited results. It doesn't "hurt" as a lot of people describe. It's not really worth the watery mess everywhere.

One I do like is painting/drawing on your body. I saw it somewhere on the Internet, probably tumblr. But basically they got non-toxic wash off paint and they painted on their leg. I mean if you're putting effort on it it can really distract you and helps the urges pass over time.

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