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Default Questions I really shouldn't be asking but need answered anyway

So a bit of background, I've been self-harming for the past few weeks, the past three days seriously but not for the usual reasons. I don't get that high that people describe much anymore, I want the scars. It sounds strange but I want the outward signs of what I've survived and how I hurt and that I'm strong enough to make it through. I'm afraid my scars will fade, all the recent ones have bled fairly well blah blah, but I feel like I can't go deep enough, it hurts too much and I feel pathetic, weak, and worthless that I can't go deep. I want them to last forever, I don't want them to fade. My questions are thus:

I want to know if the ones I have will scar, how deep does the cut have to be on an average caucasian male to scar permanently and visibly?

Does anyone else feel like they can't even cut themselves right? I feel like I'm not going deep enough and not being strong enough.

18, Male, bisexual, jellybean lover. Evolving every day. Giving my advice where I can and having some fun with it.
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