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Default Old girl i liked.

ok backstory. i used to live in NJ and i moved to PA in 2000.

there was this girl i knew since kindergarten and i had this "club" in kindergarten where we "showed ourselves to eachother" and i saw her and thats the end of that. no feelings i was only in kindergarten.
so fast forward 4 years to 3rd grade.
i am outside during recess and she walks up to me and says "i wanna show you something" i say ok. so we go behind some concrete stairs and she says to me something like this "darn i cant get it off, i cant show you".

and the funny thing we never talked really and also there was this other girl.

heather was her name.
she would kick me in the shins every day almost in grade school. and she laughed about it. i think she liked me.

oh yeah the girl that wanted to show me somthing her name was andrea.

and about 4 days ago from today i had a dream where i was talking with her and i asked her "how come when i search you online i cant find you?" she says "cuz you dont know what to search, silly, its ANDREA215" and then in my dream i searched this and when i did i typed something like this "andrea????215" or "andrea215????"

please help me. im going nuts. does this mean im gunne reunite with someone who i liked and never confessed it to?
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