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Well, today I talked to my ex. His name is Jeremy. Me and him were like best friends who were more for a while then we had a rough break up and now we're back to being friends. We were talking on the phone for the first time in what feels like AGES and I think I realize I still have feelings for the guy. He makes me happy and he doesn't even realize it but then again he brings me down at the same time. He always thinks he makes things better but I am scared to tell him he doesn't because I don't want to hurt him like he's hurt me. I want to know if he still likes me but the 29 days (I count, how pathetic am I?) were like the worst days of my life. All of my friends were leaving me and then he decides to break up with me which I hoped woudn't have happened and my friend screwed all the chances of me and him getting back together and yeah. Anyways, that is all.

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Stand in line for days and nights making up lost time. This is how I feel. I\'m going to cut these loveless wrists cuz my head sure hurts today. I\'ll take another twenty pills to try and make my troubles go away. Away...
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