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Hi. I'm new. Yes, I'm Captain Obvious. Heh. I'm CB as everyone in my French class ends up calling me. I don't know how but it stuck. I'm not good at doing introductions so I will just say random things. I guess. I am not interesting. I'm an "average" as my parents seem to think 14 (15 in 4 months) year old girl. Ha. Right. They only EXPECT me to be normal which everyone knows I'm not. I have trust issues. People tend to be complete assholes to me. I am here to get away from it all. Anyways, thank you for taking your time to read my very long and possibly boring introduction. Take care.

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Stand in line for days and nights making up lost time. This is how I feel. I\'m going to cut these loveless wrists cuz my head sure hurts today. I\'ll take another twenty pills to try and make my troubles go away. Away...
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