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Unhappy Confusion!

I wasn't sure what eating disorder forum to put this under so, I put it under here. I hope I choose the right one, i'm sorry if I didn't!

I am a 17 year old girl. I'm 5 foot and 98 pounds. *I've never liked my weight and i've always thought I was fat.I've been told that i'm under weight ever since I was born due to the fact that I was 6 weeks early, people tell me that i'm thin, sometimes I believe them sometimes I don't. When I think i'm thin, I still want to lose some weight, when I think i'm not you know the drill. I've never forced my self to vomit. *I suffer with constipation and take laxative pills when I think i'm constipated sometimes my mother tells me i'm not when I feel like I am but take them anyway.*

All of my doctors have put on my file "to keep an eye out on my weight, eating etc" Every now and then my mother tells me i've lost a lot of weight. She also constantly tells me I have an eating disorder.*

I didn't think I had an eating disorder but since my mother keeps telling me I'm starting to think I do. I've took a lot of tests online and they've assured me that most possibly do.*

If there's food infront of me I can't help but eat it even if i'm not hungry..

Sometimes I binge eat and can't control my self, I mostly binge eat at night.

I eat when i'm bored, sad, down and depressed.

A couple days after I binge eat I go to *a low restriction diet and tell my parents i'm not hungry and sometimes skip meals.*

Some days I go through a whole day without eating or drinking and hardly eat my dinner. I forgot to eat and drink most of the time also.

I know I said I eat when i'm sad and down but I also don't eat when i'm sad or down.*

I genuinely rather eat fast food.

As you see there's really no in between. There's hardly a *day when i'm not binging or starving my self. *But, if i'm not doing either of the too I can't eat as much as I use to.

Sorry if this was confusing and long.. I couldn't make this anymore understandable then I did as this is how it is.
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