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Default Re: Scars, cuts and gym class...

As far as I know, I'm not sure if it's mandatory for teachers to report the issue, but they have to do something, and that varies depending on the teacher. Some teachers will have the ability to have a discussion with you, and let it go from there, and others don't have that kind of ability, and will just send it to your counselor. Rarely will they go and make a rash decision without talking to you first though. However, I think it's highly unlikely that your teacher will be in the locker room /with/ you guys, and watching you change. I think that's very much illegal, so unless someone else says something, I think you're clear there.

Try to find a little corner to go to, or honestly, I always just took clothes into a bathroom stall with me and quickly changed in there, because the whole locker room change thing was never my cup of tea. If your locker room doesn't have bathrooms, maybe stop at one on your way into class really quickly.

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