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Default Re: Ren's Comprehensive List of Sexual Myths

its ok to laugh at these, they are some that i truly believed when 9-10 when i started developing. I didn't believe them all at the same time.

- only married people could make a baby.
- the only reason people have sex is to make a baby.
- a girl could get pregnant by kissing
- sex makes a girl develop faster and grow bigger boobs
- having pubs means a girl is mature enough to have sex
- while having sex mature guys can control when they release while inside a girl
- the reason why a guy releases while inside a girl is because he wants to get her pregnant.
- girls don't experience the big-O, only guys. WOW, was I wrong about
- boys don't grow pubs until after they are 13.
- boys know more about sex than girls.
- having sex before getting married is not real sex, it's 'practice sex'.
- boys only want to have sex with a girl they want to marry.

these are things i wrote in my diary. pretty silly ideas. seems like a million years go.

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