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Default Mental breakdown/ fallen in love

They can see through me, like open doors.
The tears continue to tumble out.
There is nothing remining deep down in my core.
The only thing people will bet on me is doubt.

The pain is causing so much stress.
The stress is exploding in my face.
The depression covering me, its all one big test.
All thought and memory of anything happy, has been erased.

My eyes burn through the eyes of others.
I can melt their heart and trust in me so easily.
I cant steal anyone's heart, not even my own father's.
The blood from these wounds continue to bleed down so easily.

Im still here worrying about the dread I posses.
What I will become When all this is through.
My mind spits and explodes this huge mess.
All I know is that this life isnt worth living when Im still me
and not you.


You stolen my heart once again.
I cant wait for this to begin.
Im beginning to unwind,
In a matter of time.
Anticipating, slowly, for it all to explode bountiful love letters and candy shaped hearts.
Then let it the love bleed down my arms once more.
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