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Default Re: Virtual teen should make a app

Originally Posted by PlasmaHam View Post
Yea, it would probably work very well given that it is specifically designed for vbulletin forums, and thus should integrate smoothly with VT. Also, from what I've read, we could put it on the online app stores to help advertise VT to primarily mobile users.

However, there is a bit of info your link didn't point out. There is a $200 licensing fee for the mobile suite, which is probably out the admins' price range currently. Good idea though. Perhaps (and this is totally up to the staff) if there is enough interest in a mobile site, we could set up a gofundme page, or some other way for people to donate money so that we could eventually get a mobile app. I know there are a host of issues regarding doing something like that, but it is an idea that may be good to ponder on.
My parents would donate.
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