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Originally Posted by bradley16 View Post
im 16 and 2.7inches and my 12 yearold brother just taught me how to masturbate. but when i have an orgasm nothing comes out like his. he's 3 1/2inches...if that helps.
is there anything wrong?
Bradley, i know you asked something similiar to this yesterday, you seem particularly worried about your development.

Puberty isn't a competitive event, it might be best for you to not compare yourself so much with others, like your bro. We're talking about biology, it's something you have no control over, there's not much you can do, it's not like some skill you can work at to get better at. He's got his stuff, and you've got yours.

I think the task for you is to accept what you've got and who you are, absent the comparison. It's not helping you feel better, and it's not changing anything, anyway.

If you spoke with the doc and he reassured you that everything is fine, then I'd recommend you just relax a bit and take the stress off. Eventually you'll get there.
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