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Unhappy I feel alone and by myself.

I have been thinking about everything lately and the more I think the more I realize that I feel alone in the real world. I have plenty of friends and people I can talk to about anything on here while In real life I have no one. I feel stuck in the little social circle I'm in where no one goes deeper except for one person, a friend who I would tell everything though I don't want to see his reaction. I just want to find someone who I can trust and sit with to talk to. I love that I can talk to people on. Here with nearly no boundaries but I want to find someone who I can talk too relate to, trust and be with that Ismt only online. The poeple on here would be amazing in that way and if we could all meet each other though we probably won't, atleast for a long time.
Im an introvert and hardly ever trust telling someone what I do fr . I want to find people who will accept me and help me but not be the kind who just say I'm so sorry but who could share their feelings with me and balance equally. I gave up at trying to find a person like this at one point though it's not leaving my head and it's wearing me down.
When I talk about this I don't mean a counselor to talk to for I want a friend who I can trust and not just a counselor.
I have too high wants I know.
A friend from last year was really nice and I wanted to tell her about how I was in so much pain and dissettlmememt though she moved away and I feel as if we're simply acquaintances now and not good friends. If I were to tell her that I have self harmed or am in this state I think she would just be at my side do to pity. I don't want someone to just feel sorry for me but someone who wants to talk to me and I can help as well. I'm drifting away from everything I know to try and find something new though I can't tell if where I drift to will hold anything I need.
Im glad many of you can be here for me on the site and I hope I can be there for you too.
I'm sure I'm not the only one who wants someone who they can actually sit down with or chat face to face and look past imperfections not just seeing the surface.
Does anyone feel remotely alike to me here..?

I'm still trying to change bit by bit. I know this post looks as if I'm looking for someone perfect (I wish that happened)
I feel alone in my life and I'm my feelings.

I used to be hjhj


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