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Originally Posted by bradley16 View Post
im 16 and 2.7inches and my 12 yearold brother just taught me how to masturbate. but when i have an orgasm nothing comes out like his. he's 3 1/2inches...if that helps.
is there anything wrong?
There is absolutely nothing wrong with you as you are simply a late bloomer, but I know that it can be an ego buster when you see your younger brother being able to produce semen whereas you have not. I think you have posted somewhere else around here that you do have wet dreams which clearly shows you have the ability to ejaculate. You are definitely not behind your brother, but you are simply having trouble making yourself ejaculate consciously. Your basic problem is that you are probably comparing yourself too much to your brother and that when you masturbate your mind is distracted and that you are pushing yourself too hard to cum which really kills the mood. When you jack off just enjoy the sensations instead of worry whether or not you can produce semen. Also, you are not behind your brother in anyway, and late bloomers do grow really fast thus making your current situation temporary. The following might help you:

1. The use of lube is a good way to stimulate your penis especially if you are circumcized (meaning that you don't have a foreskin). Lube reduces friction between your hand and your penis' shaft, and good household lubes to use include body creams/lotions, vaseline, or even baby oil. The best lubes to use are actual sexual lubes that you can get from any drugstore, but never use soaps, detergents, shampoos, or conditioners as lubes as those things will definitely irritate your penis. As a rule of thumb, you can use most skin care products as a lube as long as they are not medicated.

2. When you are masturbating it is critical that you are relaxed and simply enjoy the sensations; don't focus on getting an orgasm because it will happen on its own.

3. Changing your pace as you masturbate can help your situation, and go really slowly or speed up. Do the opposite speed of what you have been doing, and perhaps you should try using your other hand as a different feeling might just do the trick to set you off.

4. Think about something that turns you on while your doing it. Fantasize about some sexual experience you would like to have.

5. Don't masturbate until you are really horny. Wait until you are already hard. The anticipation could make you orgasm faster.

6. In the end, you may simply not have the mechanisms in place to actually ejaculate, yet. You just need to give yourself time as you will cum eventually.
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