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Default A different kind of loss

One of my best friends wasted his life. It was not a death, nor is he innocent. Rather, he murdered his mother in cold blood by shoving her out of the top floor window of their house. Now he is in juvenile detention, awaiting trial. In my state, he can be tried as an adult. It is not out of the question that he will face life imprisonment. I don't know exactly what to feel. It's as if he died because his old life ended with a crash. He leaves behind two sisters and a father who is a felon (committed fraud & white collar crime). I had no idea of any of the criminal past, nor the extent of the family strife. He was really reserved when it came to that subject. I just wonder if he had opened up to one of us, his friends, everything would be all right.

The guy was destined to be the most favored, the most successful, of all of us it seemed. He had the money and the connections, the brawn and the brains. I guess he did not have the will and the support he needed.

I don't know if I will see him again. If he is tried as an adult, then perhaps I will see him in court. But beyond that, I feel that he is gone.

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