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Default I just can't forget about this.

So a year or so ago I made a big mistake.

There was a girl in my school with cancer and I didn't know until this so heres the story:

I'm a joker I always have been and me and my friends used to have a juvenile game were we would pull the bows out of girls hair. One day I saw this girl with a wolly hat on in doors me and my friends wondered why she was wearing it. We walked past her and I pulled it off and as I did I realise there was no hair underneath I felt this horrible feeling in my stomach I apologised over and over as I gave her the hat she kept saying its okay. A teacher came over and grabbed me and put me in this office I sat there alone and I just started weeping I felt like the worst person on planet earth I just wanted to curl up into a ball and die. 10 minutes later the headteacher came in and saw that I was visibly upset he seemed calm as the just talked to the girl and I explained to him what happened. And he said I was not to worry as It was just a mistake he told me my dad would come and pick me up to take me home. The entire way home I kept thinking how everbody would hate me and id have no friends. That night I got loads of messages and phone calls off friends saying that no one hates me and they feel sorry for me but I was still disgusted in my self. The next day I brought in a sorry card and a box of chocolates for the girl and everything was okay.

But sometimes I sit there and I think about that day and what I did and I feel sick to the stomach everythings fine but I still hate my self for it even though it was an accident.
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