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Default Problems pinning it down

So I've been struggling with some mental issues for the past few months. The problem is that my moods shift so much that some days I feel pretty normal and it feels like I don't really need help, and it severely messes up my motivation to want assistance. My constant oscillation from, "you're normal," to, "Not normal," feeds my anxiety and it's so hard to tell. My parents insist I'm normal or that it's temporary and I just need to find someone who can teach me coping mechanisms like a therapist. I've cut myself but my GF made me promise not to, and I'm trying to keep that promise and so far I have. She's probably the reason I haven't committed suicide. Honestly by this point I really hope I get diagnosed because if I'm normal I'll feel invalidated and like I couldn't handle the emotions that everyone else experiences. Here's my questions:

Has anybody, especially anyone who's been diagnosed, struggled with wondering if you're just normal and getting worked up over nothing?

How did your diagnoses compare to your expectations before you were evaluated (assuming you are diagnosed)?

UPDATE: for the 2 people who will probably ever read this lol, I've gotten diagnosed with anxiety and depression. I'm on medication, starting therapy etc etc. I've been noticing a lot of depersonalizing symptoms with me too but I'll probably create another thread for that. Thanks for your help guys, if anyone else wants to ask me something about this or wanted to say something, feel free to message me.

17, Male, Nudist, Depression and Panic Disorder/General Anxiety Disorder. Feel free to send me a PM or email, I'll reply to emails faster. I'm always trying to help others out with some things I've learned along the way.

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