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I don't really have any other place to vent so I guess I'll do it here.

So I've been through this before but recently I've been really down about a lot of things. Mainly to do with my social life and hobbies. I'm still on summer vacation (this is week 6) and I've done nothing productive in that time. I don't have many friends so I haven't been doing a lot of stuff (mainly because my friend has a girlfriend who he is very committed too) which has made me jealous of a lot of people around me. I've never really had a brilliant social life so I always feel somewhat I guess and jealous when I hear about my friends going somewhere without me or when I hear about mad house parties. As you can probably tell I don't have a girlfriend or boyfriend so I don't have anyone I can speak to on regular basis and I feel like because I don't have that person in my life I don't really need to make an effort to do stuff because I don't have that commitment to deal with (if that makes any sense). I've also lost motivation to do anything and I'm just really happy with my life in general and that I have no way to change of changing how I feel towards people as I don't really get on with anyone apart from a few.

TL;DR I feel lonely due to lack of social life and friends and I'm not happy with my life in general

I'm sorry if this post is a mess, I've never been good with writing. If you have any advice or comments then feel free to reply and if you want me to elaborate on anything I've explained poorly then feel free to ask and I'll respond.
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