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Default Is there a way to stop that?

It is not really self harming imo but more of a bad habit.
Whenever I have some minor injuries not even worth putting a bad aid on I scratch and pick at them without even realising.

I had some little scratch on my arm and kinda played with it and now it's some ugly wound. My grandma scolded me whenever she saw me picking at the wound and has made me bandage it up now.

I have some other wound left on my ankle. It was just a small abrasion. But I kept picking at it and now it's rather large and ugly looking with a lil pus oozing out of it now and then. I usually have it scab over a bit and then start picking again.

It is a silly and nasty habit but I like how it hurts just this lil bit when I, like now, lie still and concentrate on it.
Feeling this little spots of pain helps me to calm and feel relaxed.
It gives me a overall good feeling now and then.

Still I know it's sorta unhealthy and that I have to stop it but I don't know uow since I so often don't even realise I do it.
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