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Default Re: My mom slapped me

Originally Posted by cleancut View Post

You said "Sounds pretty unanimous to me @cleancut
Maybe it's time to man up"

I think I have done everything I can. I apologized to my mom several times. My mom doesn't hold it over me or ever mention it. I know she never told my dad because if she did then the s**t would have hit the fan.

I still feel like crying when I think about it because I love my mom and I should have never disrespected her by saying that. I don't think there is anything wrong with regretting it and feeling remorse.
Ok first sorry for not seeing this before. If you put a @ before someone's username like you did for yourself, I'll get a little thingy saying someone quoted me. Then I'll see it easier
Back on topic, I meant to disrespect by that. Only that I'm in agreement with the other posters.

You were dissing your mom. And that's not cool. Your lucky you have one. And I'm sure she's just trying to do her best.

Making up for it is just guna take time is all. Feeling better I've rit will to. Don't dwell on it. It'll only make it worse. Actions speak louder than words here. Tony tell her. Show her.
I'm sure she gets it was a mistake and you didn't mean to diss her. Just let it pass and move on ok?

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