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Default Depression caused from school

i need advice.. I really do. I am fine at school I always come top I'm bright and don't have a problem in school it's just my depression and anxiety overwhelms me of demotivation caused mainly from school it's the lack of motivation, the people and just school itself. I'm unhappy every single day, I really don't know how to explain my feelings I just need advice.

I'm usually off school sick, I get no support as I've asked for alternatives from school from my parents, teachers etc but nothing at all. I don't want to live in a world where I'm unhappy every single second of it, I know that I may be just like those kids who hate school but I'm serious about hating it. I just hate highschool popularity and how everyone is just the same and boring, I hate stereotypes and gender assignment, I just really hate everything now which I know is saying a lot but it's truly how I feel.

My parents say that I'd be more unhappy if I never went to school. But nothing could be worse than how I feel right now, I am constantly judged, constantly left out. But people think that it's just a whole bullying story but I don't give a crap about really anyone at my school the majority of them don't have great lives and are like any stereotypical student. I don't like being in this world and I need advice and help because I'm not going to stay in this world if I have to live under this constant sadness at school for any longer. as a matter of fact I need to make it clear that I can't be at any school.. I am emotionally unstable and don't get the support I need and I am mature enough to realise this I am just venting/reaching out for the advice I need.

Sorry If I'm being over dramatic.

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