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Question How to cover scars with makeup?

Hey guys this is my first post so if I really have no idea what I'm doing but I was wondering if anybody knows a good way to cover self harm scars on arms with makeup and how to make it looks as natural as possible. I haven't cut in about three years and I'm in a lot better place in life and I recently got my first job but I have to wear a uniform with short sleeves and I just feel embarrassed whenever anybody sees my scars. I only have one big one that's raised and the rest are pretty small and lighter than my skin tone so they're not red or anything so I was thinking "oh these won't be hard to cover up" i could not be any more wrong I had heard good things about Hard Candy glamoflauge concealer so I thought I would give it a try keep in mind I'm a guy who has never worn makeup a day in my life so I also don't even know what I'm doing all I know is when I use it it turns out just a little bit too light even though I have the darkest shade available which is tan and I'm half Mexican half white so I thought it would match but apperently not and it also looks really cakey and obvious that I'm trying to cover the scars that are still visible just not as much as they would be without any makeup so sorry for making this super long but does anybody know any good products that are fairly cheap and work well to cover scars or have any tips on how to apply makeup because I really have no idea what i'm doing I could just not be blending it I really don't know so any help would be greatly appreciated.
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