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Mmm, yes though he acts a little younger - and looks it too - than his age, you'd think he was about 18 or 19...

Gah...I don't know...oh and I'm careful with my relationships due to the fact I've always gone out with guys that are three or so years older...though 22 is a rather large age gap...*sighs*

Yeah. Well, I should be seeing him on Thursday...eee! Haha, I feel so giddy.

テつ*テつ*テつ*テつ*テつ*テつ*Don\'t make my mascara bleed . . .

テつ*テつ*テつ*テつ*テつ*テつ*テつ*テつ*テつ*テつ*テつ*テつ*テつ*テつ*テつ*テつ*テつ*テつ*テつ*テつ* テつ*テつ*テつ*.i love you. ___*|x

<3 tasha.
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