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Default Hook, Line and Sinker...bugger.

Damn-in-ation. I’ve fallen for a 22 year old, hook line and sinker.

This is a new revelation for me to like someone so instantly, generally I have to have been friends with a guy or at least chatted to him a few times before I’d think about fancying him but this…this is so wow. I have trouble getting him off of my mind. And I feel so…helpless about it.

We were in a play and in it he was in love with my character but I didn’t return the feelings so I got mad at him and pushed him away, but lots of times in it he had his arm around me, or was trying to hold my hand, dance with me ect ect and…this is gonna sound so freaking cheesy, it felt right -- comfortable.

After the show he hugged me and kissed my cheek and I was like ‘eee!’ Haha. Now we have chatted though mostly about the play, and anal sex….yeah, he was slightly drunk and gibbering. But he was also like ‘wow you’re only 15, I thought you were so much older’

Damn it to hell. I feel pathetic. Any advice or comments could help…

Â*Â*Â*Â*Â*Â*Don\'t make my mascara bleed . . .

Â*Â*Â*Â*Â*Â*Â*Â*Â*Â*Â*Â*Â*Â*Â*Â*Â*Â*Â*Â* Â*Â*Â*.i love you. ___*|x

<3 tasha.
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