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Default I hurt myself in my dreams

I haven't self-harmed for quite a while and I have been good. Sure it's getting hard to stay away from it now and then but overall I hardly have any urges.

What unsettles me is that for some time now I have been dreaming about hurting myself. I see blood and cuts on my body which is weird since I usually don't cut but rather burn myself or anything.

I used to have dreams about fighting with certain people or hurting them when I'm stressed and I bottled it up so not to fight with them or hurt them in real life.
So I'm kinda worried. I don't wanna start hurting myself again but what are this dreams if not a clear sign that I will have to find a way of getting out all this pressure?

I prepare for school, work two jobs, have my family troubles, trouble in my relationship and with my's a lot and usually I would have lashed out loud get ago but I haven't done so till now.

Then the dreaming started and got more and more intense everyday. Am really starting to worry.
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