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Unhappy Diet Pills.

Well, this is my first time trying them. It's a diet pill/multi-vitamin all-in-one and I'm not going to lie, I'm panicking a little big because I don't want any of it to interact with my meds, especially my lithium but I can't get in touch with my psychiatrist, nor do I want to tell him I'm taking diet pills at all.

It just seemed like... a good idea. Right now I'm so poor I can't afford food. Of course, that sort of starving doesn't give me the same sense of accomplishment as restricting does because I'm not the one in control. But if I gently prod the process along further, I guess that can make up for it somehow.

I thought I'd recovered but not being able to eat just makes me think of all those days I spent hungry and how I enjoyed it then and that I should take advantage of this. And it would make me feel better to see all the weight all of these stupid medications have made me gain just go away.

I've gained almost 70lbs since I started "recovering." First it was a decent 15... then 20... then somehow another 45 just crept up on me and it made me sick. All my old clothes are too small. I'd rather my new ones be baggy than too small as well.

I don't know why I'm posting. I know people are going to say "just eat healthy and exercise" but when you literally can't afford to eat, how do you eat healthy? The most I can afford are $2 bags of chips which immediately make me feel guilty for eating anyway.

This sucks.
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