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Default Re: Deleted Posts: Puberty Forums

Originally Posted by Just JT View Post
I don't think the intent was to push responsibility to the regular members or blame them or something. Maybe I'm Speaking out of turn, but I think we as members should report stuff we feel is out of line. That's why there's that little triangle in the bottom left. Mods can't be everywhere

And I think they've been trying to get some. But not sure.
Originally Posted by DerBear View Post
I don't think that's what he was implying exactly. I believe he was saying that many members will read the content and not report it. Nowhere in the rules does it state that member has to report content they believe inappropriate. However it does help and is mentioned many times in the site rules:
Oh, okay. I have a tendency to read too much into things. It's especially harder for me when things are said online. Thank you two for clearing that one up for me!

@Endeavour, I apologize. You are just looking out for us members and I appreciate it.

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