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Default Re: social skills with autism

Okay, you have some form of autism.

But even so-called normal people often have difficulties understanding why they are bullied and avoided by others.

And it isn't uncommon that even bullies and those who avoid a certain classmate aren't able explain their behavior.

The reasons are varied and often very complex. Maybe you should talk with an teach, school counselor, pscholochist etc about your problem.

But perhaps there is a general reason for this:

Your classmates doesn't understand you just as you can't understand them. Works often vice versa.

This corresponds approximately to the experiences that a classmate with diagnosed autism has collected in his entire school career at my former school.

It took 8 years until a obvisiously competent psychologist could explain my classmates prob in general .... by using just a few words.

I hope you find someone like my old pal did.

Someone who can not only explain this to you, but also can develop a solution to this problem ... with you, your classmates and the teaching staff.

Good luck.

"Life is that prison you'll never leave alive."

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