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Default Always c o m e s back . . . *

Always Comes Back

This is Jamie, she’s tall - five foot eight - with long dark brown hair, it curls around her face and licks at her cheeks in the soft autumn breeze. Her eyes are large - doe like -- all innocent, you know? -- and are painted a deep chocolate colour, they used to be warm, molten, but now…well now-a-days they’re dull, blank and staring…seeing everything and acknowledging nothing…best way to be in her line of business I suppose…I wouldn’t really want to recognize some of things I did, and witnessed, if I was her…

Jamie, used to get good grades in school, As and Bs most of the time, alright she’d get into the occasional spot of trouble for talking back to her teachers, being a bit cheekier than was necessary but her parents never really saw what was coming…Jamie with her tall, slender body, began attracting male attentions and for a while it seemed perfectly normal - I mean, she was a stunner, so why would men not be interested in her? At fifteen her first real boyfriend came into the picture.

He was enormously tall, six foot four, blonde haired, blue eyed and on most of the sports teams that the school offered, he was polite, pleasant, and gentlemanly, and Jamie’s parents - Adam and May - were delighted that their little Princess had found such a wonderful first Love…they appeared the perfect couple…but, and of course there is always a but, Jamie began to get restless…the young brunette couldn’t stand the way they were so rule-abiding, the way he was safe and contenting soon lost it’s appeal and she began the search for something…someone, a little more wild. Exciting. Thrilling.

It was a Friday night, she was in town with her three best friends, all nosing about the streets, the train station, he bus shelters, they couldn’t get into clubs of course they looked far too young…or did they…a man, slender and standing six feet away from the ground, he had jaw length, black hair, glittering grey eyes, a dangerous, unpredictable air surrounding him. His eyes instantly flew to Jamie, sucking in her every curve…every perfection…ever flaw. He invited them to a club. Said he could get them in. Get them drinks. Alcohol. Music. Older men…The girls agreed…why wouldn’t they? It sounded fun…reckless.

And this is how it was, he would meet them and take them into the smoky, stylish club each week, slowly, but surely, becoming closer to Jamie, who by now was allowing grades to slip and her boyfriend to be neglected. She lived for the hours she and he spent together…this crazy and hazardous man that was leading her astray.

One night…music pounded and drinks were poured…Jamie rested her head in the crook of his arm, he offered her something in a plastic bag, a brown mustard-y colour, not thinking she took it from his grasp, and did as he told her…dip in your finger and lick it off…such a buzz, her blood pumped, her pupils dilated, suddenly everything seemed louder and et fuzzier in the same instance…and that was it. One taste and she was hooked…

It went on for weeks before her addiction grew so large that she began to pay him for as much Cocaine as he could get hold of…it was bliss…until her parents found out. They tried to help her they really did but she wouldn’t listen…would only push them further away, telling them she didn’t need a therapist - tat she could stop anytime she felt like it…but she wouldn’t and probably never will now…

Soon, her bank funds ran dry, and she knew her parents would provide her with no money optionally…so she began to steal from them, just a tenner here and there at first, then more and more…until her Father caught her riffling through her Mother’s just filled purse, a fifty pound note clutched in her pale, shaky hand. She was asked to leave the house, to live with her Grandmother…but Jamie had no intentions of going to stay with the old woman who used to read her fairytales…she trust no one but him now and to him is where she’d go to find shelter and safety…and Cocaine.

And he did. But it came at a price…Money or…work. Having no money, and nowhere else to turn she agreed to work for him and for the first time in months she found out what her, so called Saviour from a dull life, did for a living, found out what went on behind the scenes…the reasons he had a large flat, wads of cash and the means to provide for her need…he sold girls off…rented them out for the hour…he was a pimp, a lowly, disgusting man, who forced his now sixteen year old Jamie into the beds of old, young, needy, brutal, large, slim, rich men…anyone could have her and do what they wanted if they paid the toll…

Five years on from that Jamie no longer lives with him…but in a cheap, dirty house owned by him, stuffed to the seems with women in the same situation as her, their eyes, once so naive and sparkling, now so jaded and disappointed, none having the means to better themselves and none being able to survive with out their fix. And sure he beat them, made them bleed, scream and bruise.

And if Jamie passed her Mother, Father, or Grandmother - let alone her first love - she doubted they’d recognise her, the brunette locks now stained dark red, her lips chapped, her cheeks rouged slightly, her body fully grown, encased in cheap, tacky clothes…and he beats her so much to remind her why she’s there…to tell her she’s disgusting and that it’s all her fault…that if she hadn’t been such a silly little girl the bitch wouldn’t be where she is today…But she goes back to him faithfully…always goes back.

Always comes back to me.


Okay…it was supposed to be as if the evil boyfriend was telling the story all along…you got that, yeah? Good.

I really don't know what made me write this...I just...did it. Haha.

<3 tasha.

Â*Â*Â*Â*Â*Â*Don\'t make my mascara bleed . . .

Â*Â*Â*Â*Â*Â*Â*Â*Â*Â*Â*Â*Â*Â*Â*Â*Â*Â*Â*Â* Â*Â*Â*.i love you. ___*|x

<3 tasha.
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