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Default Re: are all girls mean

Ok I'd like to ask if you could get away from the people you're around
Not all people are horrible and as you'll probably see on here there are kind, nice accepting people and not just the ride scum of the earth.
People aren't all bad, while they can be horrible there are many people out there who are not.
And what do you mean by they sent you to the hospital..? Did they fight/attack you?
And I very much need to say about how you need to tell someone! I went through a time where I was bullied and hurt inside and I know it's hard to ask for help but people really will help you.
Get away from those people. Don't associate with them and find people who you can not be put down by.
And no all guys get a kick out of bullying, boy I don't. And what do you mean by giving pain to a guys groin?
I hope this helps and you could give me more insight
Remember I'm here anytime if you need any help



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