Thread: Do i have ADD?
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Just take the nice pills that the doctor gives you, your woe will soon melt away; Along with your wallet. I just love that, we need a pill for everything now, even to do anything now. "Poor eye sight? Take this pill now and you'll be able to see as good as a hawk can. WARNING: Side effects may cause anal leakage, death, and complete blindness."

Sometimes the side effects of a medication are a lot scarrier then the actual problem.

I can sympathize with you, I'm always spacing out during class, because I to have "ADHD", even though it doesn't exist. What normally helps me though is I lounge around in my chair, where it's easier to not only talk to someone near me, but also keep my head situated on the teacher. I keep one ear open for the friend, other the teacher. If I have any question I simply raise my hand and get the answer, store it in my head, and go back to talking. Don't let them put you on a pill kid.
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