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Default Re: Struggling with Diagnosis

As OP suggested, I did a Google search. I agree, the negative comments are overwhelming. So many comments from people that felt they had been manipulated after careful planning with sinister intent. I have a sister that is Bipolar Type 2, & they can share similar behaviors of SOME Borderline people.

I think you are handling the diagnosis pretty well, because you are working on accepting & understanding it. That is a huge step toward recognizing that you can learn tools & techniques the live with the symptoms. I believe that is a healthy first step. You are working through the initial shock that all of us feel at times.

I went to some forums, hoping to find BPD forums that could provide support for you. They are out there! Please find 1-2 that help you feel welcome. Yes, there are some very crappy posts from people that want to blame everything negative on a Borderline person. Ignore them.

As with many mental challenges, it appears that sometimes medication is given,, but I can honestly say that my sister- our entire family, actually- feels better & she is in more control of herself because of a social worker with talk therapy training. Whether it is a social worker with specialized trading, a psychologist, etc., I hope you can find someone to listen to you & help with your concerns.t

Your parents: I think it is okay to wait a couple of weeks to tell them. Based on our family experience, maybe it would be helpful if you can find supportive information on the internet & learn a bit more about Borderline personality yourself. My guess is that your parents love you & would like to be able to help you. With information, you can ask them to help you in specific ways. You're going to make some mistakes & a therapist can give you a chance to learn from them. This BPD is not something you chose, it is all a response of brain-chemicals that can get out of balance.

There are millions of BPDs in the USA alone. Most live happy, fulfilling lives, with a behavior hiccup at times. Unfortunately, there are others that enjoy the drama & fthe ability to manipulate & hurt others. You get to choose which life you want & I believe you have the strength to manage your challenges.

* Full disclosure- I wrote this with input & suggestions from my mom, a psychiatrist. I'm not this smart

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