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Default ADHD- Something the doctors made up to sell more pills...

I really do believe it's something the doctors made up to sell us pills we don't need. Take me for instances, they say I have ADHD, and that I need to take medication; Guess what? I don't. Funny, eh? I have never ~BEEN~ on medication, and never plan to be on it, because it's bull shit.

Oh, but because I was never put on medication for it, I had to spend two years in something called "ESE", boy howdy was that a waste of two years of my education! I really have to thank the asshats who came up with that. For those of you who don't know what ESE is, I'll tell you: A place where you put into to school were you learn nothing, and are just given work to keep busy. In other words, when you're in ESE, you pretty much have no future, and no chance of ever suceeding at all in your life. I believe that both ADHD and ESE should not even exist. There are better ways of dealing with "problem children" other then putting them on medication and watch to your horror as your child becomes a zombie on the pill. Instead of using a pill, try talking to your kid, that's what my parents did, and now I'm in "normal" classes and have getting an excellent education. No one should have to saccerfice two years of their education because of some silly disorder like I did.

Hell, everything in today's socitety is solved with a pill, like "Restless Leg Syndrome", something I began to laugh at the instant I saw the commerical. It's also another explain of drug companies coming up with worthless pills that they want to sell to us for $500 a pop. Don't you just love? I do.

In conclusion, ADHD does not exist, and we should not have to be put on a fucking pill for everything.

P.S. Excuse my harsh language, this is a subject I feel very strongly about, so yeah...
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