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Default Re: Feeling at war with yourself - my bipolar diary

So yeah I never had any great decision making skills on certain matters. Moreover it's just not use to tell your decision to certain people as they don't listen to you anyway.
My status is now person A is still officially my boyfriend and that mainly because he thinks he is.
I let my crush sleep at my place on Saturday not only at my place but in my bed. No great decision at all since it could cause trouble.
But honestly I don't even care at the moment.

My focus is on my job and not my love life to be honest. I wanna pursue my career and the other is just fun but nothing serious at all.

My problem usually is having to much be too passionateand therefore never I never get somewhere cuz usually I just get overwhelmed after a while.

Strangely at the moment I could care less about those things that usually would really get to me.
So neither jealous boyfriends, nor cute crushes, nor pathetic forumers with no life, nor my family who always wants to tell me what to do and how to do it overwhelm me or get me off my track.
I'm really glad and hope it stays like that.
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