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Default Re: Are The Puberty Forums Inviting Preditors?

It's really to bad that yes it seems a forum like this attracts people like that. Is why I blocked that section.
@Freckels, I get it, I really do. But there is a population that is of an age that s is that shit out. That's age appropriate. Sometimes we can see through their bullshit and sometimes we can't.

Staff is pretty good, does what they can to help keep them out. Hate sounding like a broken record, but hey, if getting PM's like your saying etc, if you see shit going down, report it.

They take that seriously. I've reported people. And it might take a bit, and idk about the details, but soon enough, they go away. Just trust that

There's a lota good here. A lota good people. Some not so good unfortunatly. The way it is.

Would I like a perfect world?
Fuck yeah I would rid it of pedophiles. Faster than butler did the news.
(Sorry if offensive) just my personal shit

Anyways, inthe end, it's the Internet, user beware where ever you are.

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