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Default Re: Jokes and Riddles

it may be funny to some people but i call it a miracle i copied it from my diary because it's morning and i'm lazy (scratch back) =P

wow i came back from my cousin's party it was fun my friend was there he told me what happen to him and his dad yesterday it was funny and quite weird so my friend's dad works in the border patrol and he was coming home late and my friend was stay with his mom at the time and he went to pick him up and take him home then they saw this hitch hiker and picked them up stupid right will he was caring a bag and didn't let my friend aj and his dad see what's inside then the man wen to use the phone and aj's dad saw a poster of wanted people and the guy they picked up was in it he didn't tell aj because we would of panicked and before the could leave the guy behind he came back to the car so they stopped at the gas station and aj's dad told the guy that he needs gas then gave the guy 20 bucks and told him to get gas and when the guy left they left fast and aj told him why did we leave him then he freaked out and said why didn't you call 911 and he said they didn't have to because there was a police car on the other side of the store so i was like what the hell and they did call 911 later to make sure that the cop found him and there going to be in the local news on tv

"When Life gives you lemons make grape juice then sit down and let the world wonder how you did it" [/FONT][/SIZE][/CENTER]
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