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Default Are The Puberty Forums Inviting Preditors?

In the two years I've been a member here I have been appauled at some of the content on the puberty forums. So many of the surveys to me are clearly asking preditory questions and asking for details that go beyond the curiousity of most teens. The responses seem to be very questionable too as if they're answered by other preditors to satisfy their fetishes. I know that puberty is a very valid part of growing up and teens need a place to ask questions but I believe that the forums have more adult preditors than true teens asking questions. I've also noticed that the puberty forums have as many as 10 times more viewers than the other forums. I'm just not sure that allowing them is worth the risk to our safety. I reported a guy that had been banned before and rejoined with a similar user name and was posting in all the discipline forums about his spankings and he had PMed me before asking me personal questions. He also was known for asking kids to chat with him on Yahoo. He was banned. Also almost all the PMs I get are from boys who only comment in the puberty or sexual related posts. This does raise red flags for me about my safety here. Yes I know the posts that if I can't handle it I shouldn't be here. But I'm looking out for other kids' safety too. This is all just my opinion but I feel we'd all be safer if the puberty forums were gone or better moderated. OK my rant is over lol.
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