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OP- this is DEFINITELY abuse! Physical harm is never appropriate. I wonder if alcohol triggers the tirades?

IMO, your mom is doing what therapists call projection. That means that she feels like a failure & is projecting her own feelings toward you. I hope you can find an adult, maybe a school counselor or school nurse, to discuss this problem. I am really worried that her next rampage could be even more violent & seriously hurt you. This level of abuse should really be reported to your state's version of Child Protection Services. If they hear your story & see your bruises, they will make it clear to your mom that her behavior will not be tolerated. You need to protect yourself.

Your choice of user name bothers me. To me, it means that you believe your mom's abusive yelling. You are NOT useless! You are just beginning your life & you have a lot to offer to friends, your community & the world. Don't believe her BS. She is definitely a failure as a parent.

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