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Default Social Anxiety Makes Me Small

I hate myself. I hate that I feel the need to hide myself when in the company of others. I hate to be stared at, I hate to be the center of attention, I just want to blend in and fade away. Don't notice me, please.
Social anxiety makes me feel like a four year old for feeling so inferior and tiny. I've had people walk over me and instead of fighting back I smiled and cried later on in my room. I once had a boy suffocate me on the school bus and I didn't fight back. I didn't know how. I was scared of people seeing me lose it. I felt so traumatized that everyone saw that and it hurt to know that no one helped me. Even the bus driver saw and said nothing. I AM nothing. I mean nothing. I meant nothing in school. I will be nothing again this year. It's all my fault. I'm a fuck up. Please kill me. Take me away. I don't want to be alive anymore.
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