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Default Re: Is it normal to start to like being bullied?

I have to agree with the moderators. Unfortunately, abuse is a form of attention, & all of us, especially us teens, crave attention. Being "the kid that John Doe always craps on," is also a form of attention from other kids. Hopefully, he has matured a bit & is realizing that bullying another person is not a sign of power, but of insecurity.

Although you might subconsciously miss that atttention, you now have a great opportunity! Maybe this will be a good time to develop some new relationships & friends as who you are, WolfBuddy, rather than the kid that gets bullied. You don't have to be a victim anymore! You can feel free to start expanding the positive parts of your personality.

BUT, I'm not a psychologist. This is all IMO.

Take care of yourself

Some days you're the bug;
some days you're the windshield.
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