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Default Re: Any reason for an Asperger's diagnosis as an adult?

It depends on how bad the impact on your life is. For me, a diagnosis on the autism spectrum was absolutely necessary because I need assistance in order to live independently/learn to, and to learn solutions to deal with my symptoms. Coping mechanisms, life skills, etc

I'm one of those people who will have to wear a medical ID in case I'm in public without my other half and something goes awry.

BUT sometimes higher functioning people on the spectrum can live without all that special assistance. It depends on what you think and feel is necessary.

EDIT: I just realized I only answered half of this post.

Ok so I got a diagnosis from my psychiatrist. However, it is provisional- afaik that means that a lot of agencies that could provide me services specifically relating to autism won't take it seriously or will need further evaluation. As far as actually getting a 'legit evaluation', it depends on what area (of the states) you live in. I'd just google it, personally that's how I've found places. One of the universities around here does testing, and has financial aid, so I might just do that.

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